Bill Free

Bill Free is the founder of Pure Presence Productions LLC, an online conference platform, that promotes the expansion, understanding and direct experience of awareness for beings around the world to awaken to their true identity. Since 2020, Pure Presence Productions has facilitated six global conferences featuring the world’s most revered thought leaders, wisdom teachers, philosophers, scientists, and musicians reaching audiences of over 20,000.

In 2012, Bill co-founded the not-for-profit Teachers of God Foundation to inspire, encourage and support individuals to realize the Self, their true being as Awareness, pure Presence, in this lifetime and to integrate and live this understanding in their daily lives. Prior to this Bill spent 35 years as a general contractor and business owner. Three+ years ago Bill and Leif Heimbold met each other on the spiritual path and began a friendship and mutual interest for sharing truth and bringing The Teachers of God Foundation, Pure Presence Productions, Dan Schmidt’s Awaken The World Initiative, and Leif’s brother Eric Heimbold together to form Awakening Mind Films LLC.

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