Victoria Ukachukwu

Victoria Ukachukwu

Organic Chemist

Before 2014, Victoria Ukachukwu’s life was based on the story of a woman who is a trained scientist with a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and a divorced mother of two daughters.

All of her experiences derived from this core identity, and over time this identity became very limiting and questions about God and the nature of reality began to arise. Science offered no satisfactory answers nor did the Catholic religion in which she was raised. In 2010, she discovered the nonduality teachings through Mooji and Rupert Spira and two years later attended her first retreat with Rupert Spira where she came away with more questions. It wasn’t until June 2014 when she went to a second retreat with Rupert Spira that all questions dissolved with the recognition of her true nature.

Since 2014, she’s been sharing this realization with all who are interested in knowing their true nature.

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