Meet the Cast

Rupert Spira


About Rupert

Shakti Caterina Maggi

Spiritual Teacher

About Shakti

Neale Donald Walsch


About Neale

Lisa Natoli

Founder of The Healing Cure

About Lisa

Steve Taylor

Author, Spirituality & Psychology Lecturer

About Steve

Victoria Ukachukwu

Organic Chemist

About Victoria

Loch Kelly

Awakening Teacher, Psychotherapist, Founder of Effortless Mindfulness Institute

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Daniel Schmidt

Meditation & Self-Inquiry Facilitator, Film Maker

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Bernardo Kastrup

Executive Director
Essentia Foundation 

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Donald Hoffman

Author, Cognitive Scientist

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Regina Dawn Akers

Founder, Awakening Together

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Helen Hamilton

Spiritual Teacher, Author

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Francis Lucille

Freedom Teacher

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Amoda Maa

Spiritual Teacher, Author  

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Tom Das

Spiritual Teacher

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Jan Frazier

Teacher and Author

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Louise Kay

Teacher & Facilitator

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Angelo Dilullo 

Physician, Author

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