In a time of increased conflict and unrest in the world...

where many are experiencing fear, uncertainty and despair, the Awakening Mind documentary series travels the globe speaking to wisdom teachers, visionaries, and scientists from broad and diverse disciplines, philosophies, and traditions who are pointing with uncanny similarity and intelligence to this time as an epic juncture and an invitation to a higher evolution for humanity.

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No matter where you are in your awakening journey...

we truly believe you’ll find this film series immensely inspiring and supportive. Awakening Mind offers answers, resolve and peace of mind for our most intimate and personal concerns of our life: Who am I? What is the purpose and meaning of life? How am I to navigate this world experience to the best of my ability for the benefit of all? And in this time where the world feels out of control and filled with so much suffering and sadness, these questions are particularly relevant, and the answers are a lot simpler than one might imagine.
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Awakening Mind Films is a collaboration between Awakening Mind Films, LLC, the Awaken the World Initiative, and the Center for Awakening (f/k/a Teachers of God Foundation).

How You Can Help…

If you found Part I, Know Thyself, engaging and resonating with you and would like to contribute, we invite you to help us raise the necessary funds for pre-production costs of Part II, The Mind Unveiled.  Your generous support can play a vital role in making it a reality. Join us on this transformative journey by considering a donation today.

Your support and enthusiasm can truly help us ignite a global awakening! Share this film, and together let's illuminate the world with this profound cinematic experience.

Understand that the peace and happiness for which we all long above all else can never, by definition, be found in objective experience. It can never be provided by objects, substances, activities and relationships. I would suggest understanding that clearly and not spending the rest of one’s life seeking fulfillment where it can not be found.
Anyone who is watching this movie is doing so precisely because they have either understood or at least intuited that the peace and happiness for which they long cannot be found in objective experience and have begun this investigation into their true nature. That is the most important investigation one can make. It is the investigation upon which depends our happiness.


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