Greetings from the Executive Producer...

Hi Friends,

Welcome to Awakening Mind Films, where we are thrilled to introduce an idea that aims to spread a powerful message of lasting peace and happiness during these unsettling and challenging times in our history.

This remarkable documentary originated as an idea during the 2020 pandemic when we felt inspired to create Pure Presence Conferences, providing support to individuals who were encouraged to stay home. It was during this period that the vision to produce a documentary featuring luminaries and wisdom teachers from the conferences emerged—a documentary that could illuminate the world with the understanding that peace and happiness are our innate nature.

When discussing this idea with a close friend, a renowned author, they introduced us to the Awaken the World Samadhi film series. After watching these films, together with my wife Lisa, it became clear that this was an idea worth pursuing. We reached out to Leif Heimbold, who had previously expressed interest in creating a spiritual documentary, and both he and his brother Eric were enthusiastic about joining the project. As this vision unfolded, the path led us to connect with Dan Schmidt and Rupert Spira, with whom we shared the film's concept, and everything began to fall into place.

And that leads us to this moment where we’re presenting the film project, cast & production team and a donation-based fundraising campaign to you with an invitation to join us in this inspired idea to share this timely message of hope with our world community.

And now, we stand before you, presenting this three-part film project, our incredible cast and production team, along with a donation-based fundraising campaign. We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us on this inspired journey and contribute to this global initiative of hope as we strive to share this timely message with our world community.

We’re sincerely grateful for your presence here today, and we invite you to learn more about the project and how you can be a part of this extraordinary endeavor.


Bill Free
Executive Producer