Greetings from the Executive Producer...

Hi Friends,

It's been one year since we released our first film, "Know Thyself." After interviewing another 12 remarkable teachers, authors, scientists, and philosophers, we are thrilled to share with the world and you the second part of the Awakening Mind Series: "The Mind Unveiled." 

Awakening Mind Series: 

Know Thyself, Part 1: "Know Thyself" explores the concept of awakening as the next stage of human development. It emphasizes the recognition of our true nature, which is inherently fully awake and aware. The film addresses the illusion of the separate self, leading to perpetual dissatisfaction, and posits consciousness as the ultimate reality of the universe, a notion gaining traction in modern science. The transformative impact of awakening is highlighted, promoting a shift towards peace, happiness, and interconnectedness.  

The Mind Unveiled, Part 2: "To enter the human experience is to enter a great forgetting, where the conditioned mind creates an illusion of separation and limitation from the very beginning of life as we know it." This documentary explores the formation of the ego through socialization, leading to a false individual and psychological identity which begins the cycle of suffering and seeming separateness. Part 2 delves into the process of a great forgetting and awakening, where one who begins to awaken disidentifies from the ego and the personal self- identity and realizes their true self as infinite consciousness, bringing true peace, fulfillment and happiness to one’s life. Ultimately, it reveals that consciousness is fundamental reality, and understanding this transforms our experience of life, fostering empathy and a deeper connection with reality and our true nature. 

We hope these films inspire and enlighten you on your journey of self-discovery and awakening. 

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Bill Free
Executive Producer